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Choosing Suitable Feed Pellet Making Machine for Animals

Animal Feed Development

Animal feed has been taking an important role in the breeding industry, which calls the animal feed composition should meet the requirements of the different animals. Industrial animal feed production can be tracked to the end of 19th century, when the advantages of balanced feed and the importance of raw materials production has been noticed by people then. In the early 1882, the corn gluten feed had been produced. With the rapid development of feed later years, the first feed production factory was built in the 1927 (which is still in operation now).
Industrial animal feed production
Throughout the history of animal feed development, it is easy to find out the animal feed industry is developing larger and larger, among which the animal feed types are increases as well. From feeding raw materials, mixed raw materials, crushed feed powder to feeding pellet, animal feed got a great progress.

Feed Pellet Making Machine for Sale

We GEMCO machinery has been engaged into manufacturing feed pellet making equipment for over 20 years, getting deep faith from the customers all over the world. We possess multiple types of feed pellet machine based on the different principles among which the most featured type is the flat die feed pellet making machine.
Feed Pellet Making Machine for Sale
According to the different working principle, the flat die feed pellet making machine is divided into two types including D-type based on die rotation and R-type based on roller rotation. When the prepared raw materials is conveyed into the hopper of the machine. The continual rotation between pelleting and roller leads high pressure to push the loose raw materials into the pelleting die holes. Due to the cylindrical shape, the finished feed pellet is shaped with cylinder. After coming out from the pelleting die holes, they are cut into same length by the cutter next to the outlet.

Choose a Suitable Feed Pellet Making Machine from GEMCO?

With the rapid development of feed pellet making equipment industry, choosing a suitable feed pellet making equipment is not as easy as before. On the market have multiple feed pellet machine with different quality and cost. GEMCO feed pellet making machine is going to be your one ideal choice as mentioned as the following highlights. If you have any thought about our feed pellet making equipment, please contact us for free, we will offer you the best pre-sale, on-sale, and after-sale service.