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Cost-effective Diesel Pellet Machine for You

Diesel Pellet Machine Characteristics

Diesel pellet machine is one type of small flat die pellet mill, powered by the diesel motor. As a small pellet machine, the diesel pellet mill is movable and can move around with its small size. The key components of the diesel pelleting mill are the flat die and the pressing roller. When pelleting, the prepared material enters into the place between the die and roller, under the large pressure of them, the material is extruded through the die hole with uniform size and length. Due to the different rotation between die and roller, the diesel pellet machine is divided into two types, respectively D-type base on the die rotating and R-type based on the roller rotating.
diesel pellet machinediesel pellet machine
(R-type and D-type diesel pellet machine)
This small diesel pellet machine is suitably used for small and medium scale pellet production, such as, home use, farm and small pellet production factory. Besides, the small diesel pelleting machine is specially suitable for the customer who has no three-phase electricity and the place where is short of electricity.

With elegant appearance, high efficiency and low consumption, the diesel pellet machine adopts the modularization casting and is adaptable to various working environment.

Diesel Pellet Machine Strengths

  1. Cost-effective. When buying a pellet mill, people always focus on the cost and quality. The small diesel pelleting machine price is not big, and reducer adopts international advanced technology design, with stable transmission, low noise, thus proving the production efficiency greatly. The main components, die and roller, has been made with wear-resistant treatment, thus prolonging the life time. All the bearing components are sealed and insulated completely, avoiding the dust pollution, extending the working life.
  2. No energy limit. The diesel pellet mill is specially developed for the customers who has no access to the electricity, especially in the distance regions with deficient electric power. Therefore, whether you want to make pellets any where or you want to invest the pellet mill industry, the diesel pelleting machine is the best choice.
  3. Convenient to work. The small diesel pellet machine, designed with small size and simple structure, is easy to install and operate. And you can move it to any place which is convenient for your use.

Warm Tips for Diesel Pellet Machine Operation

  1. Turn the speed controller handgrip to the‘START’position of the speed indicator.
  2. Turn around the electric key to the ‘I’ block, meanwhile, the accumulator is connected to the driven motor, and then turn the key to the ‘II’ position, the motor gear is pushed into the gear ring with meshing into it, driving the fly wheel rotating, thus the diesel motor starts.
  3. After the diesel motor starting, the key must be turn back to the ‘I’ position.
  1. Turn the speed controller handgrip to the ‘START’position of the speed indicator.
  2. Inject the start grip into the driving shaft hole, use your left hand to press the decompression handle and use you right hand to shake the starting handle until you hear the normal running sound of the diesel engine.
  3. Shake the decompression handle fast, and release the handle fast as soon as the fly wheel get enough energy. And continue to shake the start crank, the diesel engine starts.
  4. What need to pay special attention is since the diesel engine begins to run, the start crank will be automatically released under the force of the spiral bevel of the start shaft hole. At this time, you should hold the handle tightly and pull it back to avoid the handle dropping away from the start hole.
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