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Customized Coffee Grounds Pellet Mill Plant Shipped to Australia

Coffee Grounds to Biofuel

Recycling the energy from the biomass waste is a more and more universally application of thermal converting. Combusting the biomass raw materials replaces the fossil fuels which meeting the requirement of sustainable development.
Coffee Grounds to Biofuel
With the development of the era, the technology of making coffee grounds into fuel has been increasingly improved. Presently, the most suitable equipment for making biomass raw material into fuel is the pellet mill. While, coffee grounds was proved to contain lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, fatty acids and other polysaccharides, thus giving great opportunity to human. Also, with small volume and low moisture content, coffee grounds is easy to make into fuel pellet. Therefore, coffee grounds is becoming one of the best raw materials for the pellet mill.

Coffee Grounds Pellet Mill for Sale Australia

As the leading manufacturer of pellet mill in China, our equipment has been exported to over 50 countries and areas, getting high praise from the customers from all over the world. These days, the 500kg /h coffee grounds pellet mill plant we built for our customer from Australia was finished, ready to ship to Victoria, Australia where our customer built his factory.
General Process of Pellet Mill Plant
General Process of Pellet Mill Plant

Raw Material---Crushing---Mixing ---Drying --- Pelleting --- Cooling --- Packing ---Pellet

The processes above is not suitable for every production, we can customize the detailed equipment choosing according to the actual requirement of customers. For this Australian customer, the raw materials mainly consists of coffee grounds and some softwood, according to the actual requirement and condition, this production line includes crushing, mixing, pelleting, cooling and packing process. For the packing, it is divided into 15kg per bag and 50kg per bag to fit different market demand.


Coffee Grounds Pellet Mill for Sale
As the core equipment of this production line, we chose the ZLSP550B R-type pellet mill in this production line, belonging to our pellet mill for sale series. More coffee grounds mill for sale types, please click here.


Why Choose Coffee Grounds Pellet Mill for Sale?