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Efficient Mobile Wood Pellet Line for Your Own Wood Pellet

Mobile Wood Pellet Line Intro

With the development of wood pellet making equipment, there has already various types wood pellet machines and wood pellet mill plants for different uses, such as, home use wood pellet machine, industrial wood pellet machine and kinds scales of wood pellet mill plant etc. For making wood pellet better, mobile wood pellet line combined with high features of single wood pellet machine and wood pellet production line has been researched and manufactured with the production capacity ranging from 250kg/h to 600kg/h, which can moves with the whole plant easily to the place that you want.
Mobile Wood Pellet Line
(mobile wood pellet line)
Mobile wood pellet line, also called portable wood pellet line, is designed with compact structure, covering a small area but with complete related equipments including hammer mill, cyclone separator, storage bin, screw conveyor, wood pellet mill, vibrating screen, scraper conveyor, electric cabinet and foundation frame. Integrating the processing function of crushing, pelleting, cooling in a whole plant, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing cost.

Superiority of Mobile Wood Pellet Line


Machinery Details

If your raw material is wood log, wood chips or other materials with large size, you need to crush them into small pieces. In this mobile wood pellet line, we equipped wood hammer mill for crushing raw material, through changing the position of the equipped 15 hammer blades, the raw material can be crushed into particles with 3-5mm.
wood hammer mill
(wood hammer mill)
Cyclone separator is equipped to transfer the powder material to the storage bin, it also can collect the powder and dust which are screened in pellet cooler for reproduction by connecting with vibration screen. Storage bin is used for storing the crushed raw materials for next pelting processing.
  In this processing, our ZLSP series flat die wood pellet machine is equipped. The production capacity ranges from 250 kg/h to 600kg/h, which decides the production of this mobile wood pellet line. The crushed raw material is conveyed to wood pellet machine and then is formed into cylinders with uniform size through highly pressing between die and roller. This series wood pellet machine is specially designed for making wood pellet which is configured with most suitable die for making wood pellet, and the die is designed with the optimum compression ratio.
ZLSP series flat die wood pellet machine
(ZLSP series flat die wood pellet machine)
The finished wood pellet is in high temperature thus needing cooling for later packing. Vibrating screen plays the role of pellet cooling, efficient dust and biomass powder collection, thus making the wood pellet packing successful.
  In this processing, in order to prevent the wood pellets from damp, they need to be packed into bags for later use. Scraper conveyor is equipped for lifting the cooled wood pellets to a higher level and discharging them into bags.
Mobile wood pellet line is very suitable for making your own wood pellet in any place due to its flexibility and mobility, so contact us now.