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GEMCO Portable Small Pellet Production Line for Sale

GEMCO portable small pellet production line is designed to manufacture high-density biomass pellets with such raw materials as sawdust, straw, rice husk and tree bark, etc. Biomass pellet is a kind of high efficient clean renewable energy with the advantages of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. It is widely used in house-warming and power generation in an environmental friendly way instead of the non-renewable energy resources such as coal, oil, gas, etc. That not only saves energy but also reduces the carbon emission, so it is a kind of clean and renewable energy source with high efficiency. Biomass pellets are also easily stored and transported.

GMC-ZCP420D portable small pellet production line

Main Technical Parameters: The multiple functional complete portable small pellet production line is designed and developed on the basis of our company years of technology fusing the foreign technology, and it is designed according to multi-level demands of the users and the western style. This mini pellet plant can make pellets with high efficiency, the raw materials have wide application range. With functions of grinding, mixing, conditioning, pelletizing and cooling, etc. GEMCO portable mini pellet production line, which consists of hammer mill, separation system, air and exhaust system, mixed feeder, conditioning system, pellet mill, sorting system, cooling system and screw conveyor, etc. meets pellet production requirements for fodder and fuel. The major process is controlled by frequency conversion adjustment. The technological process of whole set of equipment is reasonable, the adaptation of the pellet production line is very strong, and the machine can meet different requirements of different users.

Operational Principles of Complete Biomass Pelletizing Unit

The biomass materials like waste wood or straw after being broken into powdery particle by the hammer mill will be sucked into the storage bin through cyclone dust collector and then conveyed into pellet mill by adjustable-speed feeder. The finished pellets will be cooled in cooling conveyor through a vibrating screen. Cooling the pellets to ambient temperature makes it easier to transport and storage.
Technological process
Technological Process of GEMCO portable small pellet production line

Key Equipment: ZLSP420B Pellet Mill Unit

ZLSP420B Pellet Machine
GMC-ZLMG420Bpellet mill structure
1、Adjusting nut  2、roller  3、oil filling hole   4、die   5、main shaft
6、bearing  7、oil filling hole of speed reducer  8、speed reducer   9、motor   10、base frame

The ZLSP420B pellet mill consists of base, motor, reducer and pellet machine, etc. the biomass material is made into compact pellets by the force of die and rollers. It's belong to R-type pellet mill.
Technical Parameter
No. Item Unit Number Remarks
1 Production capacity kg/h 400-600  
2 Power kW 37  
3 Weight kg 950  
4 Outer dimension mm 1630*620*1450 length*width*height
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