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Guidance to Use the Pellet Machine Diesel Efficiently

Pellet Machine Diesel Getting Popular around the World

As the rapid development of the world pellet industry, pellet machine has been widely used around the world, especially the developing countries where need high. Although the electricity type pellet machine has been used almost everywhere, the pellet machine diesel is needed in a lot of place.
Pellet Machine Diesel
In recent years, the demand for diesel pellet machine has been increasing in many places where there has electricity limit and lack. Powered by diesel, pellet machine diesel makes up the lack of electricity limit, making pellet production easier in the electricity-limit places.

When Do You Need a Pellet Machine Diesel?

As we all know, pellet machine can be used for producing wood pellets and feed pellet. More and more families has abandoned the traditional stove, replacing with wood pellet stove. Biomass wood pellet, as one biological fuel, is friendly to the environment without ashes and harmful gas producing to the air during the combustion. And the raw materials that you use to produce wood pellets cost less, even is free. The agro and forestry residues like rice husk, sawdust, leaves, branches, crop stems and other biomass raw materials which you can find any where can be used for making pellet fuel by the pellet machine diesel. Are you notice that your animal being picky for a time? The animal has a bad appetite theses days? The animal grows slowly? That’s the feed problem. Traditional feed is either powder or the lumpy, or the materials which is mixed simply. The nutrition in these kinds of feed is not enough for the whole life of one cattle or one sheep, also the easy to cause diseases. With pellet machine diesel, Feed pellet is processed with high pressure under high temperature, reducing bacteria, eggs and viruses; with multiple raw materials mixed, feed pellet ensures the nutrition needed for their lifetime, making the digestion easier. With the diesel engine as power, it’s a great alternative for electricity lacking places in pellet production. It is designed with small size, simple structure, you can bring it to any where you like, such as, the farm, the yard or the remote mountain area, etc. In the same way, it is also suitable for using in the area where the electricity cost is high or the electricity is not convenient to use, like the countryside, the woods, the forest or any other open places.

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Pellet Machine Diesel Details

Pellet machine diesel adopts diesel engine as the power to start the main shaft, on this basis, the circular work is realized.
When the diesel engine starts work, the gear transmit the power to the main shaft, then the friction between pelleting die and pressing roller increases the temperature here to 80℃. Under the high temperature, the roller presses the raw materials into high density solid cylinders, which is cut into same length by the cutter at the outlet of the machine. And for the length, you can adjust it by adjusting the position of the blade. Pellet machine diesel is exactly biomass pellet machine, it can process agro and forestry residues into solid pellets used as fuel or feed, which is decided by the raw materials type. The rice husk, grasses, vegetables and other crops wastes can be used as feed after pelleting, while the wood residues can be used as smoke-free fuels after production.
  1. Scientific, reasonable and simple structure, small size, low noise, easy operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable production.
  2. Two types are equipped, including D-type meaning die rotation and R-type meaning roller rotation, satisfying different capacity requirements.
  3. Available for different workplace, more suitable for more different raw materials from different areas.

Making Full Use of Pellet Machine Diesel

We have mentioned above, diesel pellet machine has two types due to the different rotating part, including D-type and R-type. Choosing the most suitable type comes the first question.
D-type pellet machine diesel    R-type pellet machine diesel
D-type and R-type pellet machine diesel
When you decide to produced pellets for self-use or single use, our D-type ZLSP150A, ZLSP200A, ZLSP230A diesel pellet machine whose capacity ranges 50kg/h to 200kg/h are recommended for you, easy to meet the daily needed scale; while you want to produce pellet for sale or you need a little higher production capacity, our R-type ZLSP200A, ZLSP300A, ZLSP400A whose production capacity ranges 80kg/h to 400kg/h are suitable.

Next, our diesel pellet machine is designed and manufactured with multiple die hole diameter, you can choose multi-dies with more than one diameter to realize ‘one machine used for multiple purpose’. What you need to do is only to change the pelleting die before you start the machine that you want to use.

At last, it’s about the care and maintenance. Any machine has vulnerable parts, for the pellet machine diesel, they are pelleting die and pressing roller, you should check their working condition carefully before and after production to make the maintenance more timely.

When you read here, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us for getting more details.