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High Quality GEMCO Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale

Small biomass pellet mill is becoming more and more popular in the biomass energy market. Because of its versatility, more and more families, farms, sawmills chose to use the small biomass pellet mill. GEMCO has been in the pellet manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Our biomass pellet equipment has undergone several generations of technological innovations. We test thousands of biomass raw materials each year to improve the performance of the biomass pellet mill.

Design Advantages of GEMCO Biomass Pellet Mill

GEMCO flat-die biomass pellet mill is designed with double-stage driving of belt and worm gear, rotating stably with low noise, feeding by material’s self-weight to avoid blocking. And the speed of the main axis is around 60 rpm, while the speed of the roller is 2.5 m/s, which can get rid of the gas of the material and increase the density of the production. Because of the low line speed and decrease of the noise in the operation and abrasion of the components, productions with high fat, molasses can be made. 
biomass pellet mill biomass pellet mill design advantages
(1. Lower Frame 2.Gear Case 3. Main Spindle Box 4. Discharging Hopper 5. Upper Body 6. Adjusting Bolt 7. Feed Hopper 8. Roller 9. Voltmeter 10. Aperemeter 11. Flat Die 12. Start Button 13. Stop Button 14. Warning Sign 15. Coupling 16. Motor)

The roller and bearing is lubricated lasting and sealed distinctively to prevent the lubrication from polluting the material and decrease the loss of the lubrication in the pelletizing processing. This biomass pellet press is equipped with various of flat dies with aperture in the range of 12mm to 30mm and compression ratio to be selected. The clients can choose flat-die with different aperture and compression ratio to get the best technology and economic interests.

Design Features about the Flat-die Biomass Pellet Mill

For different needs of users in different regions, we provide 4 kinds of power pellet mill machine. Electric control: suitable for customers with stable electric power. Gasoline engine and diesel engine: suitable for customers with insufficient power supply and sufficient oil fuel. PTO (Tractor power): Very suitable for field use. While selling the single biomass pellet machines, we also design complete set pellet line for our customers.
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