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How Does Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine Feasible?

Feasibility of Wood Fuel Pellets

As we can see, renewable energy has been replacing traditional energy and became one of the important fuel in these years, taking 10% of world energy fuel consumption in which 80% is in developed countries, and meanwhile the renewable energy consumption in developing countries has been increased a lot recently. Therefore, limited traditional energy can hardly meet the increasing demand with the fast development of modern society. Besides, bad influence on our environment from burning fossil fuel appears slowly.
Feasibility of Wood Fuel Pellets
As one of renewable energy, wood fuel pellets made by wood fuel pellet making machine has good combustion efficiency, no ashes and bad smoke produced during its burning, help to reduce green house effect and acid rain. Also, wood fuel pellet has uniform small size and high density, easy to store, transport thus reducing the transportation cost. Differ from traditional energy like coal, petroleum and gas, wood fuel pellet is made from wood and wood residues, which has a short growing period, belonging to green and clean energy. As a result, wood fuel pellet is the best substitution of replacing traditional energy. (How to make wood fuel pellets?)

Highlights of Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine

  1. Wide raw material range. Wood fuel pellet machine can make various of wood into fuel pellets, such as, red pine, white pine, beech, oak, bamboo, cypress, spruce, hemlock, birch, alder etc, and no matter what they are shavings, sawdust, twigs or chips.
  2. Easy collection. Wood waste can be found easily near the factory which is about wood businesses, such as, furniture factory, boats manufacturing factory and wood processing factory. Generally, the wood residue costs less, you can make an agreement with the factory owner.
  3. Large market. Wood fuel pellet making machine can be used in many fields like home use, industrial use, commercial use and investment use.
  4. The finished wood fuel pellet can be used for home heating and cooking, enterprises and public heating, BBQ, industrial boiler, electricity generation station, even biomass power generation.
  5. The key component, pelleting die, is equipped with the most proper compression ratio which is obtained after many experiments, can produce quality wood fuel pellet better.
  6. This wood fuel pellet is equipped with four kinds of driven powers, including electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO (tractor driven), meeting the requirements of different regions and living levels.
  7. The wood fuel pellet machine adopts belt, worm, gear two-grade transmission system with stable running, low noise, low risk of blocking.

Machinery Info About Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine

Our wood fuel pellet making press is manufactured with flat die structure, adopting belt, worm, gear double-stage transmission system. The main shaft rotating speed is about 60 rpm, and the roller rotates in 2.5 m/s, the air in the materials can be reduced efficiently and the final product density can be increased well.
D-type Wood Fuel Pellet Making MachineD-type Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine
(D-type and R-type Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine)
According to the rotation style, wood fuel pellet machine can be divided into two types, D-type and R-type, the former adopts die rotation while the latter depends on roller rotation. When making wood fuel pellets, you should pay attention to the requirement for raw material of the wood fuel pellet making machine, it requires the raw material moisture ranges from 12% to 15%, and the size can not be larger than the diameter of die hole that you choose. We can offer various die hole diameters, including 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and corresponding compression ratio, you can choose the proper one according to you requirement and actual situation.