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Improved Pelletizer Equipment for Hot Sale

What to Know about Pelletizer Equipment?

Pelletizer equipment is researched and developed for processing waste into useful energy, due to this feature, we can know that pelletizer equipment belongs to green equipment.
raw materials can be processed into pellet
At first, we should know what kind of raw materials can be processed into pellet. The range varies, including agro residues like rice husk, straw, corncob, cassava, rice bran, straw meal, field chaff, coffee shell, coffee grounds, fruit shell etc, forestry wastes like wood chips, sawdust, twigs, leaves, palm fiber etc, living waste like waste template,  waste wood furniture, waste papers etc.

pelletizer equipment making wood and feed pellets
The next feature to know is machine type. According to the working principle, pelletizer equipment is divided into two big type, which are flat die type based on the flat pelleting die and ring die type equipped with the pelleting die which looks like “ring”; according to different applications, it is divided into wood pelletizer eauipment used for producing green fuels and feed pelletizer equipment used for making nutritional animal feed pellet.

What Does a Pelletizer Equipment Actually Do?

Commonly, the application of a pelletizer equipment is decided to the raw materials. We have known there are plenty of raw materials in our daily life can be used for pellet production. After classification, the final pellet application can be divided into two general kinds, including fuel pellet and feed pellet.

GEMCO Pelletizer Equipment for You

GEMCO Pelletizer Equipment for You
  1. GEMCO pelletizer equipment is designed and developed by our professional R&D team, base on the international advanced technology, meeting the development of the development of pellet machinery manufacturing standard, standing on the top of the field.
  2. For the feed pelleting equipment, we upgrade the structure design, with the shell adding reinforcing rib, the casting thickness added, avoiding the shell breaking of feed pelletizer. For the wood pelleting equipment, we got the core technology­­­--- Optimum hole compression ratio, to produce the best quality wood pellets.
  3. The gearbox adopts the quality gray cast iron, with the feature of low noise, and good shock absorption; adopting gear driving, our machinery has higher efficiency than the belt driving and screw driving, also avoiding the belt slipping and short lifetime.
  4. Equipped with strict, standardized manufacturing and technology management, the consistency and interchangeability of all our machinery and components are ensured, the clients can choose them without any worries.
We are welcome any one who has interest in our pelletizer equipment to contact us, we can offer the best pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale service to you!