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Pellet Manufacturing Equipment from GEMCO for hot sale

Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Intro

Biomass energy, is the fourth energy, secondary to coal, oil, natural gas, produced from biomass raw materials, is one new green fuel. As the biomass raw materials are mainly from the crop and forestry residues, biomass energy has the following advantages: high combustion value, low carbon, friendly to the environment, no harm ashes or gas produced during its combustion etc. With these advantages, biomass energy has possessed with distinct economic benefits and environmental protection advantages, total meeting the requirement of sustainable development.
Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Intro
Along with the rapid development of biomass energy, the machinery producing biomass energy, called pellet manufacturing equipment ha been got great development. However, rapid development results some problems at the same time.

Current Problems of Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Market

Our company, as the leader of the biomass pellet making equipment industry, calculated rich and practical experiences in this field for the past over 20 years, and now see out there exist some problems in this industry recently.
Current Problems of Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Market
  1. Incomplete safety protection measures. E.g. In the manual, only the operation items are marked but the safety regulations are not clearly defined. The overload protection device, the iron removal device, the transmission protection device, the linkage interlocking device, the safety warning sign and other project requirements are all missing.
  2. Technical level is irregularity. The manufacturer of pellet manufacturing equipment has low technical skills, resulting bad quality. Not only the capacity can not be realized, but also the energy consumption is out of limit, which cause the low quality pellets.
  3. Loud working noise caused by low quality components and assemble parts, make the operator is not easy to operate the machinery.
  4. Unreasonable materials for the main components. E.g. The material selection for the key components like pelleting die and pressing roller directly affects the quality of the pellet manufacturing equipment. Some manufacturer adopts the materials without thermal treatment or with poor thermal treatment for reducing the cost, finally affecting the normal operation of the machine, even the final pellet quality.
  5. No professional R&D team. A pellet manufacturing equipment with high quality must be designed and developed with highly professional technical team according to the industry standard. Without professional technicians, the quality of pellet making equipment will be a big discount for sure.

Highlights of Pellet Machine Manufacturing Equipment from GEMCO

GEMCO Pellet Machine Manufacturing
  1. The gear box equipped in the pellet manufacturing equipment is adopted with high quality gray cast iron, having low noise and good shock absorption.
  2. Adopting the gear transmission, the problems of belt transmission belt slip, belt life is short are avoided efficiently.
  3. For the pellet manufacturing equipment producing feed pellet, the machine shell is added with stiffener, and the cast thickness is added, thus increasing the strength of the machine, avoiding the machine shell broken.
  4. The key components in our machine are manufactured with quality alloy steel, with the hardness reaching to 55-60HRC.
  5. Based on the national pellet equipment manufacturing technical standard, we set strict, standard production and technical management, which ensure the consistency and interchangeability of all the machine and every component.
  6. Through over 20 years of development, our company has already formed our own management style and professional and responsible R & D team, devoting to the innovation and development of our pellet manufacturing equipment.
Although there is problems in the industry, we always take “serving the customer first” as the objective, to strive to provide the customers with best service. If you have any question, please contact us for more information.