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Producing Efficient Fuel with Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine

Something about rice husk

Rice husk is also called rice hull, is the shell of rice seed, produced in the rice dealing. In the growing period, it can protect the rice seed, but after rice production, rice husk becomes one kind of waste. With environment protection is called upon, the requirement of dealing with rice husk is appeared, such as, no much space taken, no much transportation cost taken etc.
rice husk
Due to the strong resistant to the water penetration and fungal decomposition, rice husk can not decompose fast; with light weight and bulged shape, rice hull has a large volume, not easy to store, taking up much space; filled with silica content, rice husk is not suitable for making animal feed. But, due to the ash content of rice husk when direct burning can reach to 15%-16%, which is bad for environment. Rice husk is a good biomass raw material for making fuel pellet with rich lignin content, using rice husk pellet making machine can make loose rice husk into density solid rice husk pellet used as fuel.

Making rice husk into efficient fuel pellet

The equipment needed for making rice husk pellet is called rice husk pellet making machine, which adopts flat die design, thus called flat die rice husk pellet machine as well.
rice husk pellet making machine
(rice husk pellet making machine)
There is a kind of matter called lignin inside of the rice husk, which will be soft in the pelleting chamber and bond other matters of the rice husk together; the die and roller in rice husk pellet machine will compress the rice husk into the die hole, forming it into uniform diameter cylinders. After you decide to make rice husk into pellet, you should pre-prepare the rice husk well, the rice husk pellet making machine has a strict requirement in raw materials, the moisture content of rice husk had better ranges from 12% to 15%, and it should be crushed into the proper size which is less than the pelleting die hole diameter, the rice husk powder is better. You can choose our hammer mill and dryer for treat rice husk in order to save more time. Next, turn on the machine and feed the treated rice husk evenly into the rice husk pellet machine, you will see the rice husk pellet coming out through the discharging port. The fresh finished rice husk pellet is in high temperature thus need to be cooled for later packing, transportation and other management. Making rice husk into rice husk pellet fuel not only solves the problem of rice husk storing, but also produces the efficient fuel pellet which is easy to store, transport and manage with its high density, full combustion, small volume, uniform size and no bad smoke and ash produced into the air. More importantly, making rice husk into pellet fuel saves the daily fuel cost.

Why choose rice husk pellet making machine?

  1. Rice husk pellet machine can not only produce rice husk pellet, but also make other crop straws, stems into fuel pellet, like rice straw, corn straw, wheat straw etc.
  2. This flat die type pellet machine adopts vertical feeding, the raw material fall into the pelleting chamber under its self-weight, solving the problem of poor raw material flow.
  3. Both sides of the die can be used, prolonging the service time of rice husk pelleting machine.
Why choose rice husk pellet making machine?
  1. Four kinds of drives are equipped in this type pellet machine, including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (driven by tractor), suitable for users from different regions and living level.
  2. Safe electric control system is equipped, meeting the CE operation standard, the scram button can stop the machine in emergency condition.
  3. The rice husk pellet making machine is configured with various diameter dies, able to producing various diameters pellet, including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc, we can equip the die with the most suitable compression ratio according your requirement.
  4. This flat die rice husk pellet making machine can produce 60kg-1100kg of rice husk pellet per hour, you can choose one of them which is suitable for your demand.
Contact us for more information if you have interest in making rice husk into efficient fuel with rice husk pellet making machine.