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What Equipment for Setting up A Small Wood Pellet Production Line

Wood pellets as a new renewable green energy is more and more popular, recognized by the public. Wood pellets market is more and more prosperous. More and more people want to make their own wood pellet for sale. Many customers like small wood pellet production line since it is very suitable for small business with small investment, simple & convenient to run.
Small Wood Pellet Production Line
Small Wood Pellet Production Line(design drawing)

How to set up a small wood pellet production line

For example, in April 2019, the Swiss customer sent an inquiry for wood pellet machines. He want to make the sawdust, wood chips, tree bough and straw into biofuel pellets. The material moisture content is 20% - 40%.  

Detail Questions about Small Wood Pellet Line

Q: Maintenance chart for equipment-after how many his bearing change, hammer change, die change, roller change.
A: It's very easy to maintain the small pellet plant. It mainly involves the lubricate of bearings.  
Q: Life span.
A: Life of wearing parts.
vulnerable parts of wood pellet mill
(vulnerable parts of wood pellet mill)
Q: Grease chart-wich grade oil and grease?
A: You only need prepare Lithium base grease & gear oil for the plant.
Q: In future if at some time to happen with equipment, example by die or hammer or roller-how is possible order new spare parts?
A: We always have enough spare parts in stock to ensure timely delivery for customers. Once you need new spare parts, just contact us freely.
We shall always deliver them to you the soonest, usually by air express, very quick & convenient.
Q: About flat die-how many mm are holes? We like 6 mm. Is possible?
A: No problem, most customers choose 6mm or 8mm diameter die to make pellets.
We have specially designed flat die made of quality and stable materials, processed by digital drilling machine after high temperature quenching.

Want to set up you own wood pellet line? Let's plan it for you. Content Us!