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What is The Best PTO Pellet Maker for Use?

PTO Pellet Maker United States Overview

What is PTO pellet maker? Speaking of it, we should know what is PTO first. PTO means power taken off, which is one kind of mechanical gear box, transfer the power from the vehicle engine to the auxiliary components. That is an effective way of  transfer mechanical power from tractors to tools.
PTO pellet maker working principle
When this power generation way is used for pellet maker, this type of pellet maker is called PTO pellet maker mainly used for processing the biomass raw materials like sawdust, straws, braches, leaves,  into useful pellets, widely used on the farm and the electricity limited areas. Without preparing the power by the user, this type pellet maker United States is connected to the tractor. Therefore, the pellet maker powered by tractor can be easily used in the remote countries and regions where has energy limitation and the areas where there has high electricity cost.
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Why Choose PTO Pellet Maker?

PTO pellet maker production process
1.     This type pellet maker is specially designed and manufactured for the famers who have tractor or the farm owners, plenty of biomass raw materials found on the farm can be processed into pellets used in daily life. Without engine equipped, PTO pellet machine costs less than the other types pellet maker.
2.     Due to no place and energy limitation, PTO pellet machine can be connected to kinds of engines, even the tractor, making the pellet making much easier.
3.     Powered by engine, PTO pellet maker United States united sates has high power producer, low energy consumption and high work efficiency. And the production capacity of changes as the power supply changes.
4.     Designed with power-taken-off, the PTO type pellet maker has simpler structure, smaller size, weighing less than other types, easy to move to anywhere you want.

Finding Economic PTO Pellet Maker for Use

With the development of the pellet making machinery, PTO pellet machine has been one of the popular equipment around the world, finding an economic PTO pellet machine is getting hard as well. In China, there is a pellet machinery manufacturer standing in the top of the pellet machine manufacturing field, which is called GEMCO. The PTO pellet machine manufactured by them has the following advantages.
1.     The PTO pellet maker United States manufactured by GEMCO has been updated in the structure design, the reinforcing rib has been strengthened, and the machinery strength is increased, efficiently avoiding the shell breaking.
2.     The key components including pelleting die and pressing roller are made with superior alloy steel, the hardness can reach to 55-60HRC.
3.     The pelleting die equipped in the PTO pellet machine is produced with the core technology called the best compression ratio, making it the most suitable structure for pressing sawdust production.
4.     Adopting gearbox driving which has higher efficiency than the belt driving and worm driving, meanwhile avoiding the weakness of belt slipping and short belt lifetime.
5.     All the bearings are sealed structure, effectively prevent dust from entering, improve the bearing working environment, extend the bearing life.

With the professional R&D team and technicians, GEMCO has the ability to manufacture the single PTO pellet maker United States, also to customize the pellet maker plant according to the actual condition and requirements of the users.