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buy pellet mill for sale

Pellet mill is now known to most people in bioenergy field. It can make waste biomass materials like sawdust, wood chip, wood shaving, bagasse, straw, stalk, and the peels of grains, etc. into valuable pellets fuel. Now there are mainly 2 types of pellet mills for sale in the market, one is flat die pellet mill for sale (small pellet mill), and the other is ring die pellet mill for sale (large pellet mill).

Flat die pellet mill for sale

flat die pellet mill for saleFlat die pellet mill is mainly used by home users, farm owners and small workshop or plants. It can not only make fuel pellets, but also organic fertilizer pellets. The capacity is 50-800kg/h.

Flat die pellet mill means the pellet mill uses a flat die, or called flat disk or plate, which is a main molding plate. Its main component is the flat die and roller.

How does flat die pellet mill work?

The flat die pellet mill adopts belt and worm gear double-stage driving, which is more stable and with low noise. The feeding of raw material relies on the gravity of raw material itself, so blockage is prevented. The rotating speed of main shaft is around 60rpm, while the line speed of roller is about 2.5m/s, so that the gas in raw material can efficiently be wiped out, which increases the density of pellets.

Because of the low line speed, both the noise caused in operation and spare parts wearing are decreased. As the raw material for pelletizing contains much less moisture (8-18%), when it is made into pellets, they do not need to be dried. Also, the small pellet mill for sale adopts differencial mechanism and universal joint drive, so that the power consumption is decreased, productivity is increased, and it is easy to operate.

For making biomass pellets, usually we have several pellet size to choose: 4, 6, 8, and 10mm. For other sizes can contact us for details.

Ring die pellet mill for sale

Ring die pellet mill is also called industrial pellet mill, which means it is mainly for industrial production. Its capacity is 500-2500kg/h. It can process the waste from woodworking factories, furniture making factory, sugar making factory, papermaking factory, pharmaceutical factory and also crop waste. If you want to buy ring die pellet mill, go to our large pellet machine site.

What are the differences between flat die and ring die pellet mill for sale?

  1. They have different prices. Ring die pellet mill is more expensive than flat die pellet mill for sale. So flat die pellet mill is more economical for beginners.
  2. They have different capacities. Just as mentioned above, flat die pellet mill capacity is 50-800kg/h, while ring die pellet mill capacity is 500-2500kg/h.
  3. The pellets made by flat die and ring die pellet mills have different smoothness. The pellets made by ring die pellet mill are more smooth and shiny than those made by flat die pellet mill, so ring die pellet mill is more suitable for making pellets for