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differences between small feed and wood pellet mill

Small wood pellet mill sale has become recognized by the world and been utilized by millions of users in most countries because of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the advocating of low carbon fuel. But some manufacturers sell feed pellet mill as wood pellet mill to cheat consumers. Then how can we distinguish wood pellet mill and feed pellet mill?

The extensive use of feed pellet mill began in the 90s of the last century in China when many feed manufacturers use the pellet mill to make powdery feed raw material into pellets. The reasons are: firstly, pellets feed are convenient to store or transport; secondly, the pellets shape feed are small and with certain hardness, so that they are easy for feeding and for livestock to digest. It was then there emerged a large number of feed pellet mill manufacturers in China.

The latest type of small wood pellet mill (flat die) derives from feed pellet mill. In recent years, the globe requires higher about environmental protection because of the deteriorating environment. As a result, people in different countries look for new type of energy resources to replace coal or petrol. While searching for new energy, there come many problems that have no good solutions. In consequence, the renewable biomass pellets mainly made from wood or straws become one of the most popular types of new energy now.

The demand of wood pellets mainly comes from large scale thermal power plants. According to the current trend, the market demand of wood pellets and straw pellets still excesses supply. Under such circumstance, small wood pellet mill once again raised sales storm in pellet mill industry. However to save money on researching and developing wood pellet mill and make more profits, many traditional feed pellet mill manufacturers began sell feed pellet mill as wood pellet mill to cheat customers. However, wood pellets are much lighter than feed pellets, so traditional small feed pellet mill is hard to press wood pellets. Besides, for pressing wood pellets, it requires more pressure; in consequence, the feed pellet mill has high wear rate, and its lifespan is very short. As a result, it brings great financial loss to customers.

differences between feed and wood pellet mill


New type wood pellet mill sale

The NEW TYPE wood pellet mill sale developed by GEMCO adopts high precision cylindrical involute helical gear direct drive, which increases the transmission efficiency to >98%. At the same time, it greatly decreases power loss, which is not possessed by small feed pellet mill.

GEMCO small wood pellet mill for sale adopts German imported structural alloy steel to make the spindle and the integral hollow shaft; all the water calcined, rough turning, heat treatment, finish turning and accurate grinding processes are international leading level to make GEMCO wood pellet mill much safer to use, at the same time effectively improve the anti fatigue and wear resistance of components.

As GEMCO wood pellet mills are processed by Swiss imported CNC machine, there are much fewer errors, which offer stronger security for the normal operation of wood pellet mill. The lubricating oil return system, oil cooling system, pellet forming system of ZLSP series wood pellet mill also adopt world's leading technology to design and manufacture, and every set of wood pellets mill is tested before it leaves factory to ensure the safety, effectiveness and reliability of every piece of equipment.

In conclusion, GEMCO would like to remind all customers, when you buy small wood pellet mill sale, you must distinguish whether it is new type wood pellet mill, or just feed pellet mill, in case unnecessary economic loss.

If you have any questions regarding the pellet mill, please feel free to contact the professional pellet mill manufacturer GEMCO!