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how to choose a pellet press machine

Biomass pellet press machine is now known by many people because of its excellent performance in making environmental friendly renewable fuel. The small pellet press machine with flat die is welcomed by home owners, farmers or people who are beginners in biomass pellets making field.

However, not all people know how to choose the most suitable pellet press machine for him/her self. As a professional manufacturer, GEMCO would like to teach you on choosing a pellet press machine.

How to choose pellet press machine for yourself?

  1. First of all, consider your raw material. If you have hardwood as raw material, you’d better choose an R-type pellet machine, since the rotating roller can give greater pressure to the hard raw material. Although R-type pellet press machine sells at higher price, it can make high quality hard wood pellets. While if you have soft wood or agricultural waste as raw material, the D-type pellet machine is your ideal choice, since these soft raw materials do not need that great pressure. Besides, D-type pellet press machine is much cheaper than R-type ones.
  2. Think about what power sources you need. Although most places have got access to electricity, there are still areas where electricity is inconvenient to get. As a result, we have come up with various driven sources for pellet press machine: electric motor, diesel engine, PTO (tractor driven), and gasoline engine. The first 3 types can be both D-type and R-type.

    Electric pellet press machine Diesel pellet press machine
    electric biomass pellet press machine   diesel biomass pellet press machine
  3. Consider your capacity and budget. The capacity you required determines which model of pellet press machine you need, while your budget or funds determines which one you buy. If you have sufficient funds, you do not have to be worried about the pellet machine price. But if you have limited funds, you will probably have to think about whether to choose a large capacity expensive one, or a small capacity cheap one.
  4. Do you need auxiliary equipments? Many people who want to make biomass pellets also need auxiliary equipments like hammer mill, dryer, cooler, conveyor, etc. For example, if your raw material is stalk, straw, grass or any other biomass that is lower than 5mm, you need to pulverize them into required size in order to be pelletized. And if your raw material is wood, you probably need a wood chipper and crusher for pulverizing.

    While if your biomass raw material contains high moisture, say >20%, it shall be dried before pelletization. Otherwise, the high moisture content will decrease pellet forming rate, and also cause abrasion to the pellet press machine.

    If you want to make biomass pellets in middle or large capacity, you probably also need a pellet cooler that is very efficient in decreasing pellets temperature. Besides, the pellet cooler can also screen your pellets and get rid of those broken ones.

    If you want a small pellet plant, you also need conveyor besides pellet press machine and other equipments.

From the above mentioned guidance, you may be clear about how to choose a biomass pellet press machine for yourself. But if you are still not sure, just contact the manufacturer for more professional advice.