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operation method of biomass pellet making machine

Flat die biomass pellet making machine belongs to small scale pellet making machine. It is well liked by customers because of its flexibility, durability and good adaptability to raw material.

Biomass pellet making machine working principle

For D-type pellet making machine, the electric motor drives the main shaft by the gear box, and main shaft drives the flat die to rotate. At the same time, the fixed roller is driven by the flat die to turn vertically. For R-type pellet making machine, the roller rotates actively, while the flat die is stationary.

The biomass raw material is fed into the pelletizing chamber and fells on the flat die, then the roller presses the biomass raw material to penetrate the flat die holes. And the flat die holes perform the function of forming pellets and keep their shape. When pellets were extruded out from the holes, a pellet cutter under the flat die will cut the pellets in unique length.

Operation method of biomass pellet making machine

  1. Biomass raw material requirement: the moisture content of biomass raw material should be adjusted to 8-18%. Either too high or too low will influence biomass pellets quality and productivity. Besides, the raw material shall be mixed evenly to make sure the moisture content is the same.
  2. New flat die grinding:

Every new flat die shall be grinded before using. The method is: prepare 5kg of raw material powder, 1kg fine sand, and 1kg of waste engine oil, then mix them together evenly. Start the biomass pellet making machine, feed the mixed material into it, and adjust the roller bolt with a wrench till the machine can discharge pellets normally. (Note: the clearance between roller and die cannot be too small; otherwise both will be damaged easily. The method see 3.) Keep the machine work for 1h with such mixed material before put it into normal operation. If the biomass pellet making machine cannot extrude the biomass raw material normally, user shall adjust the roller bolt a little looser till the machine can make normal pellets.

If the biomass pellet making machine still cannot work normally, user shall poke the die holes with a steel nail to clear away the oily material from the die, and then grind it for the second time.

biomass pellet making machine installationAfter every day’s work, operator shall fill the die holes with oily material (the mixture of raw material and 10% waste engine oil), so that operator can use the biomass pellet making machine directly next day.

  1. Adjusting the clearance between roller and die

The clearance between roller and flat die of biomass pellet making machine influences pellets quality. Generally this interval is between 0.05-0.3mm. If the clearance >0.3mm, the material layer will be too thick and distributed unevenly, which will decrease pellet productivity. If the clearance<0.05mm, both the roller and die will be severely worn.

Method: adjust the bolt by allen wrench.

  1. The choice of compression ratio (the ratio of die thickness and die hole diameter)
The smaller compression ratio it is, the higher pellet productivity is, but the hardness will be low; otherwise, the productivity is low, but density will be high. So for users when they choose die for the biomass pellet making machine, the proper compression ratio is best. If necessary, you can also send your raw material to pellet machine manufacturers to get the best compression ratio.
  1. The adjustment of pellet length:
By adjusting the pellet cutter length in pellet making machine outlet, the pellets length can be adjusted.