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organic fertilizer pellet mill

Organic fertilizer is also called farm manure fertilizer, because this kind of fertilizer is made from cattle mature, such as chicken, duck, pig, cow, sheep, etc. As a kind of natural fertilizer, it is widely used in rural areas where grains, vegetables or other crops are planted. In the past, manure fertilizer was spread in the fields directly without machine processing, but its economic value was not fully developed.

organic fertilizer pellets

In modern time, as organic fertilizer pellet mill is invented, manure fertilizer has been added value. For example, investors can make the manure into regular shape fertilizer pellets and packed into uniform bags for sale. Such processing can also improve the quality and effect of organic fertilizer.  

Fertilizer pellet mill is the professional equipment for making organic fertilizer. It does not need any additive or binder to make pellets. As chicken, pig or other cattle have poor digestive ability, they can only digest 25% of nutrition ingredients; therefore, the other 75% of nutrition ingredients in feed are excreted with dung, as a result, the final manure organic fertilizer is contains rich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein, etc. Such fertilizer pellet machine can on one hand create economic benefit for investors, on the other hand make contribution to environmental protection.

GEMCO organic fertilizer has adopted world advanced pellet making technology and gone through repeated trial and error. Its rational structure and beautiful appearance have won a lot of customers from different areas all over the world. The organic fertilizer pellets made by this machine have low moisture content, high forming rate and good strength, which are accepted and liked by many farmers.

Organic fertilizer pellet machine

Features of organic fertilizer pellet machine:

  1. Its flat die holes determine pellet size. We have different sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm for you to choose. The forming rate is 95% or higher.
  2. All machines needed for making organic fertilizer pellets can be bought from us, such as dryer, cooler, conveyor, etc.
  3. It is most suitable for making pellets from fermentative manure.