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small pellet mill design

Small pellet mill is a kind of biomass pellet mill which is mainly for home pellets making and small pellet mill plant use. It can make corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cobs, cotton, soybean pole, chaff, weed, branches, leaves, sawdust, tree bark, etc. into s solid mall stick fuel. The pellets made by small pellet mill can be used in stove, boiler, biomass power plant, etc. to replace wood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, and so on.

pellets fuel

As biomass pellets have high density (1100kg/m3), they are easy and convenient for storage and transportation. At the same time, the combustion performance of biomass pellets is much improved than their raw material, therefore, such kind of convenient, energy-saving and pollution free biomass pellets fuel is now welcomed by more and more people of vision. And small pellet mill design will also be popular in different areas.

Small pellet mill design for different purposes & conditions

small pellet mill design

GEMCO Energy (branch of ABC Machinery), as a leading manufacturer in this industry, has more than 10 years of experience in making and designing solid biomass energy machinery. If you are interested in our small pellet mill, please feel free to contact us!