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straw pellet machine

strawStraw is a kind of agricultural by-product of cereal plants like barley, rice, wheat, oats, rye, etc. In the past, the straw was usually used as animal feed for cow, sheep, or horse; or used as a kind of fuel, but there is heavy smoke; even worse, especially in China in the 1990th and early 2000th, straw was burned in the fields directly, leaving only valuable ash to the soil and bad smoke to the atmosphere.

As the pellet machine was invented to make use of biomass waste, straw has become a kind of valuable raw material for pellets making.

Make pellets with straw pellet machine

Straw pellet machine is quite efficient in processing waste straw. When you have crushed the straw in small pieces of 2-3mm in length, you feed it into the pellet machine. Then the operating straw pellet machine will press the straw powder into dense pellets and cut them into regular length.

Besides straw pellet machine, you may also need basically a hammer mill; also you can choose some auxiliary equipment like dryer, cooler, conveyor to save labor.

Straw pellets advantages

straw pelletsCompared to natural coal, straw pellets have much lower sulfur content (0.16%-0.21%) and less CO2 emission. On the other hand, as the cereal plants absorbed CO2 during their growth, so the amount of CO2 just equals to that they absorbed. As a result, straw pellets are environmental friendly fuel.

Besides, the heat value of straw pellets is 3400-4000kccal/kg, which means 1ton of straw pellets can release the heat equal to 0.5ton of coal. For heating a house of 100m2, the operation cost of a biomass stove is only a quarter of using electricity or liquefied petroleum gas.

So, we can come to a conclusion that the utilization and promotion of straw pellet machine can not only save fuel cost, but also improve energy structure, increase energy efficiency, and reduce environmental pressure.

Straw pellet machine applications

Straw pellet machine can be used by farmers who plant cereals: they have large quantity of waste straw every year or even every crop, so if they make use of the straw by a straw pellet machine, they can save their fuel cost a lot. If you also have straw waste, it is wise to choose a straw pellet machine or straw pellet plant to save fuel cost or even make profit.