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straw pellet mill wide applications

Straw has been used for a very long period of time now. Centuries ago, it was used as bedding for horses. Technology has changed things nowadays. Straw is a biomass waste from food production that can be used in a better way. A huge amount of straw is now being collected to be used for the production of pellets. Straw pellets are biofuels made by compressing organic matter from crops straws such as corn, rice, wheat and cotton. Pellets are used both commercial and residential as fuel for power generation, heating and cooking. These products have a low moisture content (less than 10) and is very dense which let's them burn with a very high combustion efficiency.

straw pellets

With it's high agricultural production rate, the USA that produces 32% of the world's corn crops have large quantities of straws that lays waste. These straws, when not collected, cause greenhouse gas emissions. These large amounts of straw are then collected and processed into pellets. The rise in the production cost of fossil fuel, it's unstable market price and the effects that it causes on the environment has made people to look for other means to get cheap and environmental friendly fuel. This brought about a great development in pellet production especially straw pellet. There has been an increase in straw pellet mill production.

The good thing with straw pellet is that it can be produced locally. The straw pellet mill can be installed in farming villages where the primary raw material, straw, can be gotten in abundance. This will not only help the farmers dispose of their straw easily, but will also make them some extra money from the sales of straw. It will reduce transportation and cost of destroying the straw meanwhile helping to reduce GHG production because the straw wont be burned. The factory itself will create employment in the area and the locality will be assured of affordable pellet fuel.

straw pellet mill

Many people ask why should pellets be made when logs or charcoal can be used. Don't forget to know that logs come from trees and trees are not as many as straw and take long to grow. Secondly, logging is a restraint activity. Pellets are biomass materials like grass, straw, etc. Within 3 months, you can harvest hemp, which has similar combustion results like wood pellets. When compared to wood pellets, straw pellets produce less smoke and ash and more heat. Also, the ash produced can be used as mineral fertilizer since it contains things that are important for plant growth. Don't forget that most straw pellets come from food crops. The food is harvested for consumption and the pellets are used as fuel.

Straw pellets are also used to make horse-bed. For a very long time now, it has been considered that straw pellets are the best material to make horse-bedding because it has no additives. Soft pellets have excellent urine absorption rate and has ammonia and odor control. Straw pellets can also be used as animal feed.