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Making Nutritional Fodder for chicken with Chicken Feed Making Machine

PK Between Chicken Feeds Type

Generally, the chicken feed mainly consists of feed mash, feed crumbles and feed pellet. This is one of loosen version feed, which is produced by simple crushing and mixing with multiple nutrition, the texture is just like the potting soil. It is usually used for feeding the chicks, and the farmers always mix it with some water just like the porridge. However, this action causes the feed faster expiration, which can be regarded as waste in a way.
Mash Feed for Mash Feed
How to make mash feed for chicken?
From the name “crumble”, we can see that this is one kind of crushed feed like bread crumbs. Famer feeds the chicken with this feed 6 weeks before the chicken start to lay eggs for meeting the higher nutrition requirement. However, the crumble feed is easy to cause the chicken being more picky, thus affecting the nutrition content.
crumble feed for poultry
Feed pellet is a new kind of chicken feed produced by the chicken feed making machine. Under the high temperature and pressure inside the machine, the mixed materials can be formed into solid pellet with uniform length and diameter. With consistent size and rich nutrition, the chicken feed is easy to store, transport, meeting the nutrition requirement of chicken in different growing stage.
Pellet Feed for Chicken
How to make pellet feed for poultry?

Chicken Feed Making Machine India for Sale

As we all know that feeding chicken is not a very easy thing, as the chicken in different stages ask different nutrition. Thus the farmers have to prepare the chicken feed very carefully everyday, which costs a lot of energy. Thus looking for a perfect chicken feed is the primary concern for the chicken farmers. Recently, more and more chicken owners choose to buy the chicken feed making machine to produce the feed pellet by themselves in India.
Chicken Feed Making Machine for Sale
(Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill)
GEMCO is the brand of ABC Machinery who is the professional chicken feed making machine manufacturer of China, having been devoting in design and manufacturing animal feed machine for over 20 years. And this chicken feed pellet machine is one of our featured product, belonging to the flat die type, very widely used for farm use, small workshop and small scale chicken feed pellet production line.

Details of Using Chicken Feed Making Machine

When you use the single machine to produce the chicken feed, you shall do the preparation work including test the moisture content and the size of the raw materials as the chicken feed making machine India requires the raw material moisture content in 12-15% and the size in less than 3mm. If the requirement reaches, you can start the machine directly.

While not all the raw material in the suitable moisture content and size. So you need to equip the corollary equipment like crushing machine for reducing the size, drying machine for adjusting the moisture content, even the cooling machine for cooling the temperature of finished pellet. These series equipment involved together, we call this a chicken feed making machine plant. Based on the actual different condition and the requirement of customers, we can customize the chicken feed pellet making line for the customers.  

When you have any ideas about chicken feed making machine India, please contact us for more information, we will offer you with the best service.