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Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine for Hot Sale

Rice Husk around the World

Rice is an indispensable food for human life, is regarded as the staple feed by over 50% world population. It is cultivated by over 20% of world population which covers 1% of the earth surface. The main producing areas are China, Egypt, Cuba, respectively taking up 27.51%, 0.63% and 0.77% of the worldwide rice production. Over the past ten years, the worldwide rice production had been increasing consistently, the production reaching to 16.48 million tons. What’s more, it is researched that the world demand for rice will reach to780 million tons, which means that rice husk is increased as well. But never worry rice husk solution, because making rice husk into pellet has been an economical choice around the world gradually.
Rice Hull around the World

Advantage of Making Rice Husk Pellet

With the development of science technology and requirement of sustainable development, renewable energy creation becomes the hot topic. It is the best idea that making the rice husk into useful rice husk pellet, the advantages are as followed:
Advantage of Making Rice Husk Pellet

Starting a Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine Plant

Making rice husk is not difficult, all you need is rice husk pellet making equipment. Before starting a rice hull pellet making machine plant, you should know about the production procedure. The general production includes crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing etc.
Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine Plant
Portable Pellet Plant(250-450gk/h)
Due to the different conditions from different countries and regions, the rice husk pellet making machine plants are in difference. We can customize the special solution based on your actual condition and requirements. We have over-20-year experiments in manufacturing rice husk pellet making equipment and offering solution for the clients from over 50 countries around the world. And we possess professional R&D team with rich rice husk production experience. We can send them to your countries for installation and debugging the equipment, including training your operators.
If you have idea about our rice husk pellet making machine, please contact us for free.